Fatigue improvement,(UltraMARSTM) is designed for measurement of averaged through-thickness and surface residual


Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

Equipment for Ultrasonic Peening of materials, parts and welded elements.
Intense levels of high frequency acoustic energy or high power ultrasound (HPU) have found practical use in many industrial processes, of which cleaning, welding and drilling are well-known examples. In most industrial applications, HPU involves power levels of hundreds to thousands of watts, and ultrasonic systems are operating in the frequency ranges from 15 kHz to 100 kHz. Typical amplitudes range from about 10 to 40 microns. Such ultrasonic system operating at 20-25 kHz is creating a cyclic acceleration of around 50,000 g (acceleration of gravity).

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UltraMARS® – 7

Residual Stress Measurement

Portable, semi-automatic device for non-destructive ultrasonic measurement of residual stresses
The portable, semi-automatic device for Ultrasonic Measurements of Applied and Residual Stress (UltraMARSTM) is designed for measurement of averaged through-thickness and surface residual and applied stresses in samples, parts, welded elements and structures non-destructively.

     UltraMARSTM device is used to provide the following measurements

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Residual Stress Measurement

The Structural Integrity Technologies Inc. (SINTEC)

 is a world leader in the development and industrial application of ultrasonic technologies for fatigue life improvement and residual stress measurement. SINTEC manufactures and provides equipment for ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT/UP) of parts and welded elements and for ultrasonic measurement (UM) of residual and applied stresses.. SINTEC cooperates closely with Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (ITL) and Structural Integrity Services Inc. (SINTES) with all three companies being members of the Ultrasonic Testing & Technologies (UT&T) Group of companies.

SINTEC’s  patents on UIT/UP

  • Patent of USA # 6467321. 2002. Device for Ultrasonic Peening of Metals.
    Patent of USA # 8747732. 2014.  Ultrasonic Instrument for the Deformation Treatment of surfaces and Welded Joints.
    Patent of Russian Federation # 2540230. 2014.
    Patent of Japan # 5779600. 2015.


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