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It is my pleasure and honour to share with you the info on our technologies, products and services that you could find on our web site.

We concentrate our efforts on the development and industrial application of a number of ultrasonic technologies for structural integrity improvement. One of the technologies is based on using High Power Ultrasound (HPU) and aimed at fatigue improvement of parts and welded elements – Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT). In most industrial application it is also known as Ultrasonic Peening (UP). Many companies around the world explore the advantages and high (highest) efficiency in fatigue life improvement achieved by using our UIT/UP technology and equipment.

Our second line of products/services is the ultrasonic technique and equipment for non-destructive residual and applied stress measurements. In many applications, including the welded elements and structures, this ultrasonic measurement (UM) technique is the most efficient for residual stress measurements in lab and field conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments on our ultrasonic technologies. Our Team and I personally would be more that happy to share with you our knowledge and 30+ years experience in development and industrial application of UIT/UP and UM technologies.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Jacob Kleiman  Ph.D.
Structural Integrity Technologies Inc. (SINTEC)
The Structural Integrity Technologies Inc. (SINTEC)

is a leading company in the development and industrial application of HPU for fatigue improvement of parts and welded elements. The SINTEC exclusively represents the UIT/UP technology and a number of other ultrasonic technologies in the world market. The SINTEC manufactures and provides the equipment for UIT/UP. The SINTEC cooperates closely with the companies Structural Integrity Services Inc. (SINTES) and Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (ITL) with all three companies being members of the Ultrasonic Testing & Technologies (UT&T) Group of companies..

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